no shit,no show-just mushing!

Kauppinen Wide open Championship

Like every year we have arranged a training race to start this season: Our K.W.O.C. - "Kauppinen Wide Open Championship". First and foremost we want to say "THANK YOU" to all the staff of Lapland Wilderness Tours - Lubos, Jana, Rene, Nora, ... , the individuals from KSHK and of course to all you mushers that made it all the way to Kauppinen to participate.

The result was impressive - Gaynor Leeper / Team Tera Tours won the race and set a sign for her husband-to-be Milos Gonda / Team Tera Tours who's going to rule in the future....

Of course daylight hours are few right now and we strictly want to avoid to use flash light into dog's & musher's faces - still there are a couple of impressions from this years K.W.O.C. below. Enjoy

And.. welcome back in 2014!